The world’s first Eco-friendly Indigo dyeing system
This is the dyeing system to protect the good environment.
Using electrolyzed water with natural temperature,we can get good effect for cleaning.
Reduce CO2 by not using high temperature water while the process of washing dyed yarn.
Reduction of adverse effect on wastewater treatment by not using detergent at washing yarn process.
No need for detergent when we wash yarn.
Boiler system that can control the quantity of steam consumption.
Reduce CO2.


Recycle loop

Reduction of sludge by biological treatment process at water treatment.
And then we reduce moisture of sludge with kitchen garbage from employees home.
Finaly we can get compost from that treatment process.
We can use the compost for our rose garden.
We can make up perfect recycle roop.

Reduce sludge.


Perfect wastewater treatment
Our technology of waste water treatment meets high standard in Japan.
The domestic credit Scheme is designed to certify the amount of greenhouse gas emissions reduced and removed by sinks within Japan.
We received 700t-CO2 reduction certification for the actual results from August 19, 2008 to March 31, 2011.
We have been certified as an attractive company in FUKUYAMA city.